Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Amber's Visit

Well, this is interesting.  Amber's visiting Miranda.  Hmm. Wonder what that's all about.  Maybe Amber needs some pointers on the correct way to meditate or practice yoga.  Then again, this IS Amber we're talking about, so that's highly unlikely!  Let's have a listen, shall we?

Seriously?? Amber thinks she needs the mansion in order to entertain all the "right" people? She obviously has no idea that the "right" people think she's irritating and have no interest in attending any of her parties. They only talk to her when they absolutely have to, and even then, for as short a time as possible.  How does her husband, Terry, put up with her?  Poor guy.  Maybe he lives in a dream world too...


Friday, February 15, 2013

Miranda's Beach Home and The Patio House

After I posted photos of the Moreville Mansion, many of the residents started arguing over who will live in it,  and who will eventually own the place.  I reminded them that the property is not for sale, never will be, and whoever winds up living in it will be paying a substantial rent for the privilege.  Folks aren't too happy with me right now. Oh well.  Miranda, however, has no interest in the Mansion. Way too much house for her. She's very happy with her quiet little beach home.  It's not big or fancy, but it's hers.  I took some pictures of it on a recent visit.

It's a cozy, comfortable place just perfect for Miranda.

Her bedroom and bathroom are upstairs.

Her living room and kitchen are downstairs.  Miranda loves to play her guitar and is quite good at it!
Thanks for letting us see your home Miranda.

One another note, I wanted to show the little patio house I started with.  I believe Mattel called it the Folding Pretty House.  I call it the House That Got Away.  Yes, I donated it after I finished building the mansion.  One of those things I wish I had back. (sigh)  Oh well, I hope it made some little girl very happy.

The patio area folded out. There was a room divider that opened out allowing for one big room or two smaller ones.

I had added a small kitchen on the right side.  Ken came to visit on his motorcycle.

Then I added a bathroom and another bedroom on the left side.

I really liked this cute little house.  The lamp lit up, and everything folded back nicely for easy storage.  Who knows?  Perhaps someday I'll find it in a thrift store someplace.  If I do, I'll be sure to grab it! :-)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Moreville Mansion

After digging through boxes and closets with the greatly appreciated help of my roommate (thanks Marianne!), I finally found the pictures of the Barbie Mansion I built back in 1993 (or was that 1994?  1992? I don't remember exactly).  I built this from a kit made by Real Good Toys.  Since I was working full time back then, it took me about eight months to build it.  Enjoy! :-)

Here it is in all it's glory!

A bit closer.

From the side.

And back to the front.

It consists of two floors and an attic. The top left space has a hinged flap that closes.  I used that for storage.

It has two large drawers at the bottom for storage.

I used the attic as an office.

Next to the office is a small bathroom.

Skipper's room which doubles as a guest room.

Master Bedroom.  The door leads out to the second floor deck.

Small kitchen.

Living room.

I used what I had at the time to furnish and decorate it.  Since then I've built some furniture for it, replacing that ghastly pink plastic with more realistic wooden pieces.  I'm not sure who's going to live in this Moreville Mansion, but many of the residents have asked me when it will become available for move-in.  I told them I'd get back to them on that! :-)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Welcome to Moreville!

I thought I would kick this blog off by showing everyone some of the Barbie furniture I made several years ago.  Please be kind, LOL!  These were my first attempts after all!  Some of the Moreville residents were kind enough to demonstrate them for me.

I thought a poster bed would be very appropriate to start with since everyone loves a warm, comfy bed.  I made the mattress, comforter and pillows also.  Underneath there is a sheet and a piece of green felt I used as a blanket.

Miranda wasted no time claiming this bed for herself and was all too happy to show it off.

This is the dresser, night table and lamp.

Here is a desk and chair.

Sabrina loves this desk because she spends alot of time on her computer.

Dining table and chairs.

Steven and Linda always find something to celebrate!

Sofa and easy chair.

And poor Diedre really thought that Amber was one of her best friends.  Oops!