Monday, February 11, 2013

Moreville Mansion

After digging through boxes and closets with the greatly appreciated help of my roommate (thanks Marianne!), I finally found the pictures of the Barbie Mansion I built back in 1993 (or was that 1994?  1992? I don't remember exactly).  I built this from a kit made by Real Good Toys.  Since I was working full time back then, it took me about eight months to build it.  Enjoy! :-)

Here it is in all it's glory!

A bit closer.

From the side.

And back to the front.

It consists of two floors and an attic. The top left space has a hinged flap that closes.  I used that for storage.

It has two large drawers at the bottom for storage.

I used the attic as an office.

Next to the office is a small bathroom.

Skipper's room which doubles as a guest room.

Master Bedroom.  The door leads out to the second floor deck.

Small kitchen.

Living room.

I used what I had at the time to furnish and decorate it.  Since then I've built some furniture for it, replacing that ghastly pink plastic with more realistic wooden pieces.  I'm not sure who's going to live in this Moreville Mansion, but many of the residents have asked me when it will become available for move-in.  I told them I'd get back to them on that! :-)


  1. Someday we will find a place and you can bring the Mansion back home. Just hope I won't have to move out to the camper, LOL. (Just kidding, I hope) : )

    1. No worries Marianne. LOL Your room is safe with you! Thanks again for helping me dig to find these pics. :-)

  2. Gasp! It’s glorious. I’ve no doubt the Morevillians will be pestering you for that move in date. I wonder if they plan to draw straws for ownership. ^_^

    1. Ro,

      LOL. Many of them have offered me big dolly dollars hoping to own this fine piece of property. But they don't understand that their money has no value in our world! LOL Miranda is the only one that has no interest in it. She says it's too big and ostentatious for her, not to mention the maintenance and upkeep! Thanks so much for your kind comment! :-)

  3. I love your mansion! So nice and spacious. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it in the future.

    1. Vanessa,

      Thank you! I'm kinda proud of it myself. Someday I hope to find a space for it in my house and rescue it from the storage room! LOL I figure several of the Morevillians will wind up sharing it! :-)