Sunday, March 24, 2013

Casey's Art Piece

It was a cold and rainy day today, so I thought I would stop by Casey's and see how the renovation was going.  Well, his place is a total disaster!  Construction debris tossed everywhere.  And Casey isn't too happy about it.  He's had nothing but delays since this whole project started.  But Ryan was there, cheerful and upbeat as always.  He showed off Casey's pride and joy...

Good to see you Ryan.

I see that.

Granite top? Wow!


Looks great!

I wouldn't doubt it.  It probably took a significant bite out of his renovation budget.

It's ok.

Half price drinks? All night? I'll be there!

I said goodbye to Ryan and went on my way.  I thought it was nice of him to get all dressed up just to show off the new bar.  But that's Ryan--always likes to look his best in spite of all the construction dust, dirt and chaos going on around him.  I know he can't wait until the renovation is done.  He lives in the apartment directly above Casey's.  Poor guy.  Peace and quiet? What's that?


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Shopping Finds, Moreville Celebs And An Interesting Link

I know it's been a little while since I've posted, but I've been working on a bar for Casey's On The Square.  The residents have been bugging me to no end to reopen the place!  It's their favorite watering hole--a friendly, fun and cozy place to hang out.  The place is full on any given night, and on Friday and Saturday nights, it's usually packed.  I hope to be done with the remodel soon and will have pictures of the bar, at least, in a future post.

In the meantime, I went shopping last week and found some things.  I found these Oz dolls at Walmart in Gainesville.

These dolls are ok, but I was very disappointed to discover that their legs aren't bendable at all.  The arms are bendable but not the wrists.  Oz's head is also a tad larger than Ken's.  I can still use him as a bartender or perhaps in one of my story lines.  I haven't tried Ken's clothes on him yet, but they should fit.  Aside from the head size, he and Ken are the same height and have similar body builds. Theodora's jacket fits Barbie, but the pants are a little tight.  Her hips are more slender.

I was really thrilled to find these fashions at Target!  The evening gown is simply gorgeous!  And the Oscar Award is really cute.  I know which one of my Moreville girls will be wearing this on the red carpet and then accepting the Oscar for Best Actress!  Hint:  You haven't met her yet, and it's certainly not Amber!  LOL  I'll have my girls model these in a future post.

Speaking of celebrities, I know of three that have vacation homes in Moreville.

Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and Debbie Harry all have vacation getaways in Moreville.  They also perform at Casey's from time to time as their busy schedules allow.

Last but not least, I'm posting a link that a friend of mine sent me.  It's an article about a man in Florida who has over 3,000+ Barbies and won't stop collecting them until his whole house in entirely full!  Here's the link: 

And I thought I was bad...:-)