Sunday, March 24, 2013

Casey's Art Piece

It was a cold and rainy day today, so I thought I would stop by Casey's and see how the renovation was going.  Well, his place is a total disaster!  Construction debris tossed everywhere.  And Casey isn't too happy about it.  He's had nothing but delays since this whole project started.  But Ryan was there, cheerful and upbeat as always.  He showed off Casey's pride and joy...

Good to see you Ryan.

I see that.

Granite top? Wow!


Looks great!

I wouldn't doubt it.  It probably took a significant bite out of his renovation budget.

It's ok.

Half price drinks? All night? I'll be there!

I said goodbye to Ryan and went on my way.  I thought it was nice of him to get all dressed up just to show off the new bar.  But that's Ryan--always likes to look his best in spite of all the construction dust, dirt and chaos going on around him.  I know he can't wait until the renovation is done.  He lives in the apartment directly above Casey's.  Poor guy.  Peace and quiet? What's that?



  1. Half price drinks. Say whhha? I'll be watching for Ryan's opening night ad. ;)

  2. That's what he said! LOL Since Casey knows everyone in town, he has a lot of regulars. So one night of half-price drinks won't hurt his bottom line. :-)

  3. Well I guess you can't come help out in Morristown. You are up to your eyeballs in renovations, too. I guess there's madness going on all over. I'll be back to for the half price drinks, too. Lawd knows I could use one.

  4. I would LOVE to help you out in Morristown! You have alot of cool stuff there! LOL Yes, I will definitely attend the Grand Re-opening of Casey's. I'm sure I'll need several of those half-price drinks by then! LOL :-)

  5. Ryan is a cutie. Thanks for letting him post here - especially dressed as fine as he is ;-)

  6. Isn't he adorable? Which is why he's the most popular of Casey's bartenders! You'll be seeing more of him. :-)