Friday, May 31, 2013

Casey's Sneak Preview

Hey there my friends!  Casey has invited all of us into his place for a sneak preview before he gets slammed at tomorrow night's Grand Re-opening.  After months of renovations, frustrations and delays, he's happy it's all over.  Of course, we can't tell Amber of the special invitation Casey has extended to all of us.  He's already going to get an ear full for talking to The Times before her, but he's not overly concerned. He's dealt with Amber before...

Oh look, there's Casey.  Let's go in, shall we?

I'll take a glass of your finest white Zinfandel, please.  Great job Casey and Ryan!  The place looks so much better than it used to.  Good luck tomorrow night.  And we promise not to tell Amber that you gave us this very enjoyable sneak preview! :-)


  1. Love Casey's new place. Looks great from outside as well as inside. Dark cozy interior with neat artwork ... promising setting for more stories. Heck, I would go there to eat and drink :-D

  2. Thanks! Casey says to stop by anytime, and he'll make sure you enjoy your visit. He goes all out for his favorite customers! :-)

  3. Great job. Love the pieces he built. I'm excited for opening night. I'll be there. By then I will have figured out what I'm drinking.

  4. Thanks Vanessa! Means alot coming from you. Have you figured out what you'll be drinking? Casey's is now open! :-)