Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Catching Up With Old Friends

Soon after Aaron and Jarrod arrived in town, they contacted their friends Charlotte and Jada. The foursome had been close friends in Moreville High School where they created their own little "gang" so to speak. Back in the day, they were inseparable. They all met up at Casey's to do a bit of catching up.

It's always nice meeting up with old friends. Everyone reminisces about fun times and even some not-so-fun times. And while the conversations are now between adults and not teenagers, the bonds of friendship are still there. Even some teenage crushes are still there. Time will tell if those crushes will develop into lifelong, loving relationships. :-)


  1. Awww, this is such an adorable reunion! And man oh man, they all did so well for themselves!

    I want to run a travel blog!! XD *eeeeenvy*

  2. Hi Heather!
    Yes, they all did pretty well after leaving Moreville High. Jada is certainly a well-travelled woman, and her blog has many followers. Still, I suspect her heart secretly belongs to Jarrod. :-)

  3. Oh, I just discovered something cool with your story, Cindi. I clicked on the photo, it grew so that I could really appreciate the photos AND it looked like their heads or hands moved from photo to photo. Wow! What fun. Now I have to re-read the story from first photo to last ;-)

    I like how the career changes the friends made still incorporated their basic loves - Jarrod from playing sports to writing about them; Jada from a wish to traveling around the world to blogging about her experiences; and Charlotte from teaching math to leading a business.

    Oh and thanks for showing Casey and Aaron in the same photo. I have Casey, and I thought that the Barbie Basics who is Aaron was the same face. I can see the difference now. Sigh. Bad thing: now I want that BB guy, lol.

    Fun post. Thanks for sharing ;-)

  4. Hi D7ana!

    Glad you enjoyed my little reunion story. I do try to strive for as much realism as I can which includes positioning each doll in every frame. Makes for a cool effect. I love these guys! Each did well for themselves. I got Aaron and Jarrod from BarbieCollector.com the minute they became available. I have yet to see them in any store. :-)

  5. Seems that new romances are in the making here.. Hmmmmmmmm

  6. Casey's is looking soooooo good, Cindi. Perfect setting for friends to gather, relax and catch-up.

  7. Thanks Ro! I really love Casey's. It's friendly, intimate and very relaxing. Sometimes I wish there was a place like that for humans around here! LOL :-)