Saturday, November 23, 2013

Girl's Lunch at Bella Donna's

Turned out today was a perfect day for cruising the mall. Jada, her sister Adele, and their friends Gina and Serena decided to get a jump start on the Christmas shopping season. They decided to have lunch at Bella Donna's first so they would have plenty of energy to go bargain hunting.

And away they go, credit and debit cards in hand!

Here's a close-up of the two newest Moreville residents.  Adele (left) is the African American Holiday Barbie 2013. I fought with myself about buying her so close to Christmas, but I was afraid that if I waited until after the holidays, she would be sold out. So she jumped into my shopping cart and came home with me. LOL  Serena (right) is Miss Chile from the Dolls of the World collection. She, too, jumped into my cart. Looks like both were determined to move to Moreville! :-)

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