Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Treasures From the Clarkesville Antique Mall

It was a cold and rainy day yesterday here in northeast Georgia. So my sister, Deb and I decided to go cruise the Clarkesville Antique Mall. I love that place. It has many booths with all sorts of cool stuff. Well, I scored big time! At one of the booths, I found some kiddie dolls wrapped in a plastic bag. Check these out:

Seven dolls for a grand total of $3.50. A couple of these will get new bodies since their feet appear to have been chewed on. What I was particularly excited about was that I got not just one, but TWO Tommy dolls! Now Katherine can have her son. LOL  And there are other Moreville residents that are thinking about having children as well. 

I wasn't sure which doll this one was:

The stamp on her back says Mattel 1995. I'm thinking Skipper, and she's fully articulated. Her joints are very loose, so I guess she's been played with alot. Looks like Mattel did make fully articulated Skippers at one time and then stopped. I wish they'd start making them again.

She can even ride a horse.

Of course, she has to be perfectly balanced in order to stay on the horse otherwise she falls off. And I really do need to do something about her wild hair. I guess a boiling water treatment is in order.

All in all, Deb and I had a good day. She found a book; I found dolls. We each found something that we would enjoy. :-)

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