Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Introducing Bruiser and the Gang

We now have a new addition to our family thanks to Vanessa Morrison of Van's Doll Treasures! Those of you who follow her blog know that her dog, Buttercup, had a litter of puppies 8 weeks ago.  My roommate, Marianne and I met Vanessa this past Saturday in Buford, Georgia. She gave us a playful, adorable little guy we named Bruiser. It was a real challenge to get him to sit still long enough to get some pictures, but I managed.

This is Bruiser. Vanessa called him Blackie.

He's taken over Marianne's bed. LOL

What's she doing over there?

Striking a pose.

He's claimed one of Marianne's pillows as well. LOL

Bruiser guarding Marianne. LOL

This is the Gang, Bruiser's new sisters and brother.

This is Tootsie. She's 14 years old.

This is PJ. He's the senior at 15 years old.

And this is my baby, Cassie. She's 3-1/2 years old.

At first, Cassie was afraid of Bruiser. Picture it: a 60-pound collie/golden retriever mix whining and backing away from a 3-pound puppy. Yes folks, my dog is a big wus! But now, she and Bruiser like to chase each other up and down the hall. She lets him paw at her nose and play with her tail. The other two? Seems they prefer to nap and let the young ones play themselves out. LOL

Thanks again Vanessa! We all adore him! :-)


  1. Awww, hey Bruiser! It's so nice to see his new family. Lots to keep him busy. That picture with the red pillow is priceless. Nice to meet your other babies, too. He seems very happy in his new home and that makes me very happy, too.

  2. He is very happy especially now that he and Cassie have discovered they can play with each other. She's the only one who can keep up with him! LOL. The other two? Not so much. LOL :-)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! He's adorable; so fun and full of energy. We can hardly keep up with him sometimes! LOL :-)

    2. Imagine having three with that energy. And somehow they all want to play in the middle of the night. I am learning how to tune them out and just sleep as they run around like little hellions. And no matter how many toys I buy them, they only want to chew on that things they aren't supposed to chew on.

    3. Marianne has the same problem since Bruiser sleeps in her room. LOL. But during the day he and Cassie wear each other out playing, so she's become our built-in babysitter! LOL Hope you find good homes for the other three soon. :-)

    4. My friend has decided to take the other three in February. I have secondary homes for two of them, but I'm not sure I can bear giving them away and not being able to see them when I want. If they go to my friend, I can also get them on occasion. We have all formed a bond now, which is what I was afraid of.

    5. You're welcome to come and see Bruiser whenever you want. Marianne and I can also bring him to your house for a visit as well. Just give us a call. If you come here, you can see Moreville. If we go there, I can see Morristown. :-)

  4. That's a lovely arrangement the dogs have - and you ladies lucky to be connected to the beasties ;-)

    Thanks for sharing the adorable photos. I prefer cats, but I like to see other people's dogs, too. Pets make life better.

    Best wishes to you and to your four-legged pals, too.

  5. We really love our fur babies! My sister is more of a cat person, but she admits missing having dogs. Her work hours really aren't conducive to having dogs. Yes, our babies do make our lives much more fun! :-)