Saturday, August 23, 2014

Gifts from Mom

Well, not my mom, but Marianne's mom. Call her my adopted mom, and she's a real sweetheart. She gave me three new dolls as thank you gifts for taking care of her while Marianne was in the hospital recovering from knee surgery. Mom originally wanted to get me a nice bottle of wine from one of the local wineries, but after talking to Marianne, she decided I would get much more lasting enjoyment from the dolls. And she was right. Thanks Mom!

I'm sure you all recognize these two from Mattel's newest Red Carpet collection. They're absolutely beautiful!

I found the new Luxe Nikki at my local Walmart.

Here's Nikki deboxed and up close. I think she's gorgeous.

Here are the Red Carpet ladies deboxed.

Up close and personal. I get the feeling the redhead has a bit of an attitude. LOL Both will be rebodied and given Moreville identities.

This was not a gift from Mom but a gift to myself. I found this at Walmart along with the new bakery and the pet boutique. This playset has a date with some spray paint and a few modifications before it can become the Moreville Grocery. I'm thinking of getting the bakery next although the pet boutique has some things in it that Travis could use in his animal hospital.

As for dolls, I have my eye on the Red Carpet lady in the black and grey dress. Moreville continues to expand, and I keep having to sort and rearrange to make room for everybody. And now that I crochet, I have to make room for yarn as well. Geez! I so need a bigger house! :-)