Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Corner Cafe

After taking her cat, Taz to see Travis, Deb invited him to check out her gallery and to have coffee at her favorite cafe. The Corner Cafe is a small, intimate, outdoor retreat two blocks from her gallery right in the middle of town.

I was beginning to wonder where Amber was. She's been so quiet I thought she might have moved out of Moreville. Of course, Amber would never leave. Here, she can get away with being the popular socialite she believes herself to be. Anywhere else, she'd only be laughed at or ignored. Deb and Travis would've preferred her not barging in on them, but luckily she didn't stick around long. :-)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

New Additions

"I'm not buying any more dolls!"  Uh huh. Famous last words. "I'm not buying any more doll stuff!"  Yeah. Sure. Ok. In spite of my determination, two more residents wound up in Moreville.  One jumped into my shopping cart.  The other magically showed up on my doorstep...

I love the lady in the gray and black gown. She is truly gorgeous! I was on the fence about the glam luxe Barbie, but I liked the clothes.

Here they are de-boxed.

Thanks to my favorite enabler, Vanessa of Van's Doll Treasures, I checked out some of the Sparkle Girl fashions. They're perfect for my teens even if they are just a little big.

The redhead is wearing one of the Sparkle Girl fashions. It fits her pretty well, but I think most of those fashions are too young-looking for my older, sophisticated ladies. So my teens are thrilled to have some new clothes.

I couldn't resist doing a little story with the new girls. The redhead still hasn't given me her name, but the dark-haired beauty told me her name is Sophia. And yes, that is Krystal at the next table with one of her friends. Notice Casey and Ryan checking out all the new girls!  LOL :-)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dr. Travis McIntyre, D.V.M

After meeting Dr. Travis at Casey's, Deb's heart wouldn't stop pounding. The man was not only handsome, but courteous and charming. It was hard for her to believe this was the same man who acted like a jerk to Cindi several months ago. Maybe he had a bad day and drank a little too much. He made a mistake. Big deal. Everyone makes mistakes at some point in their lives. He sincerely apologized to Cindi for his boorish behavior. Whether she accepts his apology or not is her problem. Deb wanted to see him, so she called and made an appointment for Taz.

Cindi won't be happy about this, but Deb isn't worried about it. She likes Travis and wants to get to know him better. And Travis likes her too. They have things in common. They both own successful businesses. They both love animals, photography and art.  And they both want someone special in their lives. Since both of them have been burned by previous relationships, neither one is in any hurry to get married or even serious. This is a great new beginning for both of them. :-)