Sunday, November 30, 2014

Barbie or Fashion Royalty?

For those of you that celebrated Thanksgiving, I hope yours was full of food, fun, friends and family.

The holiday saw the arrival of yet another new Moreville resident. Cruz' girlfriend Darby arrived a few days prior giving her plenty of time to celebrate it with Cruz in their new home. Of course, none of the established Moreville ladies knew that Cruz already had a girlfriend, so there were widespread tears and groans of disappointment. Saturday night, Cruz took Darby to Casey's.

Since Cruz and Darby are the first Fashion Royalty dolls I got, I decided to do a little comparison between them and the Barbie and Ken dolls. I didn't realize that Cruz was a bit taller than Ken. Here he is alongside Casey and Ryan.

Here is a close-up of the guys. Cruz can fit into some of Ken's pants and shirts, but some of the jeans are a little tight on him. He can fit in the jackets, but the sleeves are too short. Also, the only pair of shoes he can fit into is Ryan's work boots.

Here are the ladies. Again, I didn't realize that Darby was taller than the Barbies. Here she is alongside Lauren (redhead) and Sophia.

Here'a a close-up. Darby is from the Integrity Toys Gloss Convention. Barbie's pants are too short for her. She fits well into the long formals and the longer skirts. Here she's wearing the Tim Gunn outfit. She doesn't have any shoes because none of Barbie's fit her. They're all way too small.

Here she is compared to the guys. She's just a bit taller.

The only issue I have with the Fashion Royalty dolls is the price tag. I know Integrity doesn't mass produce like Mattel does, and all their dolls are for adult collectors and not children, but some of the dolls on the secondary market still seem overpriced to me. Even the clothes are expensive. But then again, you get what you pay for. I have my eye on two more from the convention, but they'll have to wait until after Christmas.

Don't get me wrong, I still love my Barbie and Ken dolls. If it wasn't for Casey, Ryan, Anna Lee, Miranda, even Amber and all the other colorful characters, Moreville wouldn't even exist. So I'm grateful to them and for them. Some may eventually move away, but most will stay. And for those that move out, others will move in. Some will come from Mattel, others from Integrity. And they'll all live happily ever after...:-)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

New Moreville Residents

Just when I think I have too many dolls, more start clamoring to get my attention, all hoping to become the latest Moreville residents. Of course, I'm very selective as to who gets to become part of the ever-growing family. The potential resident has to "talk" to me first. If there's no feeling or communication when I look in their eyes, I keep right on moving. With that said, here are three new residents who passed my test.

This handsome guy came to me from Kelly Johnston in Washington State. He's the Barbie Basics Ken re-bodied onto a fashionista body. 

Here's a closer look.

I looked high and low for this brunette Holiday Barbie and finally found her at my local K-Mart. She will stay in the box until after the holidays. Then I'll decide if I want to re-body her or not.

Here's a closer look. I don't like the gold glitter on her eyelids, which is why I can't decide whether to give her a Moreville identity or not. 

I saved the best for last. Here is my very FIRST Integrity Toys doll, and probably my last one for awhile since he was a bit expensive!  LOL  He's Cruz from the Dynamite Girls London Calling collection. I've wanted this doll since he was first released a couple of years ago or so, but he sold out quickly. Here he is still in the box.

Here he is de-boxed. His shoes were a pain to get on and even more of a pain to tie, but once they were on, they looked pretty cool.

Here is a closer view. Isn't he handsome?  The Moreville ladies have already started fighting over him, and while he's charming and polite to them, he hasn't found anyone he's interested in yet. After all, he just moved to Moreville a couple of days ago! LOL

These three are Moreville's newest residents - two handsome hunks and a holiday diva. At this rate, I'm going to have to create another town to accommodate everyone! Moreville just keeps on growing...and growing....and growing. Geez!  :-)