Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Double Date

After Arty got back from the tech convention, he, Lauren, Cameron and Adaline went out for dinner at Bella Donna's. He knew Cameron liked Adaline a lot and didn't want to do anything that would embarrass his brother in front of her. But unexpected things have a way of happening whenever Arty is around...

I hope they remember to take plenty of water with them as well. It'll help counteract the dehydrating effects of the wine. Of course, all four of them are seasoned wine drinkers, so I'm sure they'll go prepared. Maybe they'll bring back some souvenir glasses - if Arty doesn't accidentally break them that is. :-)

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Tag, I'm It!

I've been tagged by my great friend Vanessa of Van's Doll Treasures for World Doll Day. I know her post on this was almost a month ago, but I've had so much going on lately, this is the first chance I've had to go back into Moreville.

The rules of the tag are:

1. List my three favorite dolls from the ones I got last year.
2. List three dolls from my wishlist.
3. Tag five people to do the same.

My three favorites? A no-brainer. Dynamite Girls London Calling Cruz, Color Infusion Adaline King and Color Infusion Sterling Riese. Love these guys!

The three dolls on my wish list are:

Barbie Basics Model 2 Collection 1
Photo from Barbie Collector

Barbie Basics Model 8 Collection 2.5
Photo from Barbie Collector

Captain Jack Sparrow
Photo from Barbie Collector

This next guy isn't on my wish list, but he's on Marianne's, so I thought I'd include him.

Gianfranco Ken
Photo from Barbie Collector

Last but not least, I tag the following five people. If you all don't want to participate that's ok too. I know some of you have been tagged already. :-)

1. Philly Collector (Hi D7ana!)
2. Roville (Hi Robin!)
3. Thanks Doll! (Hi Sergio!)
4. Pink Obsession (Hi Georgia Girl!)
5. A Day in the Life of My Dolls (Hi Phyllis!)

Now that things have settled down a little around here, I hope to be posting more often. Thank you all so very much for your patience, understanding and loyalty. :-)