Friday, August 14, 2015

New Girls in Town

I'd like to introduce you all to the three newest Moreville residents.

From left to right they are Hannah, Julia and Jessie. Hannah is the 2015 Birthday Wishes doll. Julia is one of the new City Shine dolls, and Jessie is from the previous City Shine collection.

Wave to the nice people ladies. Thank you. As you can see, they've all been re-bodied.

Oh, and that's Tim waving from the next table. I don't think the lady he's with appreciates the fact that he's been admiring these three since they sat down.

Looks like Tim isn't the only one admiring the new ladies.

I wasn't going to get Jessie (blond City Shine) because I'm not crazy about sideways glancers. They're harder to photograph and position right for the story lines. But Walmart had her on clearance, and I couldn't resist. After re-bodying and re-dressing her, I had a change of heart. She's just beautiful! Hannah (Birthday Wishes) was a gift from Marianne. Julia (City Shine Redhead) came from Amazon. I had her on my wish list for awhile, and when they dropped her price to $19.99, I snapped her right up. I never could resist a good sale. So two major price drops and a gift. I must be living right. :-)

Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Quick Review

I finally broke down and purchased the new Tris Insurgent doll. I wasn't going to get her, but when I saw her in Target she finally "spoke" to me. Her short hair makes her look cute and sassy, and she'll be a perfect addition to my college kids.

Here she is deboxed.

A close-up view.

I really hate the fact that her arms don't bend.

Her legs bend though. I don't understand why Mattel made the first Tris doll fully articulated and not this one.

I rebodied her on the first Tris' body. The skin tone isn't a perfect match, but it's very close. She'll be Tris' sister, tattoos and all. I don't know her name yet.

Tris and her sister wound up at Bella Donna's for lunch after a successful visit to Dr. Carlyle.

I think Tris' sister will blend in very well with the other students at Moreville College. I'm not sure what she'll study, but the college has many different programs for her to choose from. She's very smart, so she'll do well in whatever course of study she decides on. :-)