Thursday, October 22, 2015

Re-body Results and A New Resident

My friend Robin of Roville wanted to see my re-bodied Lena. Some of you suggested I use the old Tris body, and it turned out to be a pretty good match. Lena is very happy with her new-found ability to move around.

Jewell, one of my followers, told me how to remove the tattoos using acetone. The tattoos did come off, but it left the plastic a little rough. Fortuneately, it doesn't show. Overall, I'm happy with how Lena turned out.

Meanwhile, the next day, a new Moreville resident discovered Casey's.

This is the new Gale doll from the Hunger Games Mockingjay movie. I saw him on Amazon and just couldn't resist him. He was just too handsome!

He's also fully articulated. Some of my girls already have their eyes on him, so we'll see who gets to be the lucky one to date him. In the meantime, he's checking out the job leads Casey gave him. :-)

Sunday, October 4, 2015

New Fashionistas

September was a great month for Moreville. Several new ladies moved in much to the appreciation and joy of all the single guys in town. I managed to get everyone together before they all scattered off and got involved in their lives.

Here are the first three. They haven't "told" me their names yet, but they will in due time. The Asian lady in the middle has bendable arms and wrists but not legs. It's awkward but I can work with it. She had such a cute face and clothes, I just couldn't pass her up. She's a sophomore at Moreville College.

Here is a closer look. I've already re-bodied the African American lady and the redhead. 

Here are the other three. The African American lady on the left has articulated ankles. She can wear high heels or flats. I was on the fence about getting the Asian lady because I didn't have any articulated bodies I could use to re-body her with. She's just too pale. Do any of you have any suggestions as to which doll I could use to re-body her with?

Here's a closer look. Raquel is not new. I've had her for awhile but never got around to de-boxing her until now.

The new girls have made themselves right at home at Casey's. Looks like Ryan's enjoying the view. Good thing Anna Lee isn't the jealous type. LOL :-)