Sunday, February 28, 2016

Charlotte's Bachelorette Party

I'm rating this post PG - nothing graphic, only implied.

A few days after Aaron's bachelor party, Charlotte's friends threw her a dinner party at Bella Donna's. In attendance were Jada, Gina, Katherine and Jada's sister Adele. Dinner was over, but the wine was still flowing...

Looks like Adele might've had a little too much wine. I think she embarrasses Jada sometimes, but she's fun to have around. A great time was had by all, and I'm sure the girls will try to get together more often in the future. :-)

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Aaron's Bachelor Party

Not long after Charlotte accepted Aaron' marriage proposal, his buddies threw him a bachelor party at Casey's. Jarrod arranged the party with Casey and Ryan. He invited Travis, Katherine's husband Randy, Arty and Ryan's brother Kevin. No one realized the wedding date was just around the corner...

Looks like the guys are all having a great time. Next time, we'll pop in on Charlotte's bachelorette party at Bella Donna's. :-)

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine's Day at Casey's

I'm rating this blog post PG - nothing graphic, only implied.

It's Valentine's Day and Casey's is packed. Many couples met there and always make it a point to come in on this day to celebrate. The place has a "love" vibe to it, and as a result, single people hang out there in the hopes of meeting someone special. Good things happen at Casey's - sometimes when one least expects it...

I'm so glad Charlotte chose Valentine's Day to say yes to Aaron's marriage proposal. He's been waiting patiently for her decision for so long. Now he's just over the moon with joy and excitement. As for Gabe and Julia, we'll have to wait and see what develops if anything. I'm sure Marianne will be very disappointed to find out the guy she has her eye on is dating someone else. Of course Deb won't tell her, but Marianne does come into town from time to time...:-)