Sunday, March 20, 2016

Aaron Returns To School

After the wedding ceremony and a very romantic weekend with Charlotte, Aaron returned to school the following Monday morning. He had no idea that the kids had a surprise waiting for him...

That was really nice of the kids to give Aaron a wedding gift even though Vicki didn't agree with what they gave him. Even though the kids essentially all got a free A on their rehashed book reports, they knew that once Aaron came back, it was back to really working for those good grades. As Vicki said, "Welcome back Mr. D." and congratulations. :-)

Friday, March 4, 2016

Aaron And Charlotte Tie The Knot

The big day has arrived for Aaron and Charlotte. Since they wanted their wedding to be held by the beach, Cindi kindly let them borrow her condo for the big event. It's taking place on the deck. Guests are Adele, Jada's sister, Gina, Katherine and her husband Randy. Jada is the bridesmaid and Jarrod is the best man. Dr. Mark Chambers, Gina's husband is the minister presiding over the ceremony. Looks like they're ready to start...

The wedding party.

The happy couple.

Congratulations Aaron and Charlotte! May you both live happily ever after. :-)