Sunday, June 5, 2016

Tenzin's Drum Set

In my last post, Tenzin had moved to Moreville and was in the process of remodeling the old Hillman building to accomodate his new recording studio. His project has been delayed though because he's waiting for me to go to Hobby Lobby and get some stuff he needs. In the meantime, he did an inventory of his equipment. He has guitars, microphones and a keyboard. He needed a drum set. I searched high and low for this, but couldn't find one in 1:6 scale that wasn't expensive. So I built him one.

Here is the bass drum with two snare drums attached to the top. It's made out of a large roll of silver glitter duct tape and two small rolls of duct tape for the snare drums. The stand is made of three T-pins poked into the bottom.

Here are the two cymbals. They're made from thin aluminum tubing, roof flashing cut out in two circles, jewelry wire and beads.

Here is the high hat made out of the same materials as the cymbals. The foot pedal is a small piece of wood painted black and glued to the wire.

Here are two additional drums. These are made out of pvc pipe, painted black and covered with silver glitter duct tape. The stands are made out of jewelry wire.

Here is the stool. It's made up of two 3-inch circles of craft wood and pvc pipe painted black.

Here it is all set up.

Marianne couldn't resist trying it out. The drumsticks are made out of toothpicks although you can't see them here.

She's having too good of a time!

Funny thing is, I got this set halfway done when I discovered I could've gotten one from The Tiny Frock Shop that wasn't expensive. LOL 
The drum set is complete, but not quite. The bass drum needs a logo on it. Tenzin wants a dragon, so I thought about drawing one and pasting it on there. I can't draw freehand that well, but I figure a drawing program can help me out. If not, maybe I can find a sticker at Hobby Lobby. :-)