Friday, February 15, 2013

Miranda's Beach Home and The Patio House

After I posted photos of the Moreville Mansion, many of the residents started arguing over who will live in it,  and who will eventually own the place.  I reminded them that the property is not for sale, never will be, and whoever winds up living in it will be paying a substantial rent for the privilege.  Folks aren't too happy with me right now. Oh well.  Miranda, however, has no interest in the Mansion. Way too much house for her. She's very happy with her quiet little beach home.  It's not big or fancy, but it's hers.  I took some pictures of it on a recent visit.

It's a cozy, comfortable place just perfect for Miranda.

Her bedroom and bathroom are upstairs.

Her living room and kitchen are downstairs.  Miranda loves to play her guitar and is quite good at it!
Thanks for letting us see your home Miranda.

One another note, I wanted to show the little patio house I started with.  I believe Mattel called it the Folding Pretty House.  I call it the House That Got Away.  Yes, I donated it after I finished building the mansion.  One of those things I wish I had back. (sigh)  Oh well, I hope it made some little girl very happy.

The patio area folded out. There was a room divider that opened out allowing for one big room or two smaller ones.

I had added a small kitchen on the right side.  Ken came to visit on his motorcycle.

Then I added a bathroom and another bedroom on the left side.

I really liked this cute little house.  The lamp lit up, and everything folded back nicely for easy storage.  Who knows?  Perhaps someday I'll find it in a thrift store someplace.  If I do, I'll be sure to grab it! :-)


  1. Very nice pic of Miranda strumming her guitar. I’ve got a feeling she’s planning some rip-roarin’ beach parties this summer. ;)

  2. The stairs to Miranda's place have an interesting look ... as if they were free floating bits of pink shells.

    I love the comfy-looking karate gi Miranda is wearing, too.

  3. Hey Ro and D7ana!

    Ro, how did you know Miranda's plans for the summer?? LOL She's very much into health being the local nutritionist and yoga instructor, but she's been known to throw some great beach parties! :-)

    D7ana, yes, the stairs do look like pink shells now that you mention it. The karate outfit is one of Miranda's favorites because it's loose fitting--perfect for when she does yoga. :-)

  4. Miranda looks awfully comfy in her beach house. It is a nice little pad for a single person. I've only seen pictures of that folding house a couple other times. Didn't know what it was. What a gem! I would have fun if I had one of those.

  5. Vanessa,

    That little house was cute. I really had fun with it, but once I finished the mansion, I figured I didn't need it anymore---which is why I called it "The One That Got Away." Ah well. Some little girl was destined to have it, and who knows? I may find another one someday...:-)

  6. I absolutely love her name lol! He house is fabulous.
    I found the folding pretty house at the flea market some months back I hope to spray paint someday :) it's a great little house I hope you can find it again

  7. Hi Miranda!
    Welcome to my blog! Yes, my Miranda is one of the prominent residents of Moreville. She has no interest in living in the mansion as many of the other residents do! LOL I hope I will find that folding pretty house someday. When I do, I'm not letting it go. :-)